Sled dog-gone dreams / by Silas Crews

Hard drive failures are never fun. When you lose a collection of images that captured a memorable assignment it creates a void, a yearning to relive, and a dream-like memory leaving you wondering if it really happened. The first time I experienced sled dog culture was in Northern Michigan on an assignment for True North magazine. Despite the bitter cold, it was one of the warmest and most invigorating assignments I've ever been on. 

Why people decide to visit Fairbanks, Alaska in Winter (okay, maybe early Spring) with their paid time-off was a mystery to me. Turns out it might be one of the best times to experience the Golden Heart City. Ice sculpture festivals, hot springs, northern lights, cross country skiing and sled dog racing are just a few options of the surprising abundance of activities Fairbanks offers in mid to late March. 

I was particularly excited about the Open North American Championship Sled Dog Race. This was my chance to relive my lost sled dog memories. 

Here are some of my favorite moments from three days of sled dog sprint (20+ mile) racing from the 2016 ONAC Championships.

Musher's Hall, Fairbanks, Alaska